Dishwasher Common Issues

One of the common problem dishwashers normally have in Orange County is lack of or insufficient water supply. When there is such a problem the dishwasher may not be doing a clean wash. You can also do it by yourself. First try to find out the cause of the problem. Insufficient or lack of water supply can be caused by a number of factors. Find out if the water shut-off valve that is below the sink is on.

If the water shut-off valve is on then check water valve at the rear side of the dishwasher. Replace the water valve if the problem is from there. Other place to check in case of lack of water supply is the spray arm. If the spray arm is blocked, the dishwasher will not clean dishes very well due to lack of water. If this is the case remove the debris blocking the spray arm.

The temperature of the water  is also another factor that may lead to a dishwasher not cleaning dishes properly. If the temperature is below 1200 Fahrenheit definitely it will not wash dishes very well. Consequently, you have to make sure that the temperature is up to 120 degrees.

Another factor that may lead to poor dishwashing is lack of soap and this does not require any repair except to add more soap to both parts of the soap dish.

Other repair work that you can do by yourself by following the user guides is the drain system problem. There are some places that you have to check if the problem is from the drain system. Your dishwasher may not function properly if the air gap of your sink is blocked. In that case, unscrew the air gap and clean it very well so that it will be free of any unwanted substances. A broken drive belt can also affect the efficiency of your dishwasher. Replace the belt if that is the problem. The problem may also be that the motor of your dishwasher is not moving. You can make it functional again by manually spinning it.

For security reasons, before you attempt any repair you have to first of all unplug it from the electrical outlet. Experience has shown some people have died due to electric shocks in their effort to repair some of their appliances.

Though some repair works are very simple to be done following the manual guide. There are some complicated repairs that require the attention of appliance repair Orange County professionals.

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