Hydrocodone Detox

Hydrocodone is commonly used as a pain killer as well as an anti-cough agent. It is also an opiate which works six times as strongly as codeine and can be compared to morphine when potency is concerned. The job of hydrocodone is to bind with pain receptors in the brain that will then block the feeling of pain. Hydrocodone is combined with other drugs to make common prescription medicines: aspirin to make Lortab, acetaminophen to make Vicodin, ibuprofen to make Vicoprofen, as well as narcotic drugs. Medicines containing Hydrocodone come in various forms: tablets, capsules and syrups. Hydrocodone detox is very difficult, painful, long and demanding due to the nature of the addiction.

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Doses of hydrocodone containing medicine should be given only the amount needed. Overdose of it may be fatal. As an ingredient of any narcotic drug, hydrocodone is usually the one to cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sedation and even constipation.

Since medicines containing hydrocodone have been gaining popularity, it has been said by the Drug Enforcement Agency that among other prescription drugs, this has been the most abused. The abuse of this drug can be observed with medicines that are orally transmitted than those given intravenously.

Hydrocodones effect is quite similar to that of the high given by heroin. Although some would testify that compared to that of heroin, it somewhat a milder kind of high. Aside from this, it is also an effective pain killer. Although federal law allows the use and distribution of drugs that contain hydrocodone, they had imposed fewer restrictions with regards to its use and distribution. Drugs that have hydrocodone combined to their composition are classified as Schedule III. This is because when hydrocodone is combined with non-narcotic drugs they create prescription medicines that are more accessible, abused by the public.

Among the most and commonly abused drugs containing hydrocodone is Norco. Norco is the combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. It is an effective pain killer as well as a good amplifier of the effects of alcohol, antidepressants and anxiety medication. This unusual combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone makes it so powerful. Acetaminophen works by stopping the production of hormones that enables and causes an individual to feel pain.

If one is looking for short term pain reliever, Vicoprofen would be best suited for your needs. Vicoprofen also contains hydrocodone, only it is combined with ibuprofen.

You can see why hydrocodone is so easy to become addicted to. Often people in Connecticut become addicted without realizing it, and before they know it they are well and truly hooked to the drug. It is imperative that if you notice the you or someone you care about is abusing hydrocodone that you get treatment for them or yourself as soon as possible. The longer the addiction, the longer the hydrocodone detox process will be, after which starts the longer process of withdrawal treatment and eventual rehabilitation.

The hardest part is the detox – hydrocodone is an opiate and is therefore on a par with heroin and morphine to deal with. It builds up lots of toxins and residuals in the body, which have to be removed via hydrocodone detox before other physiological and psychological treatment programs can begin. An inpatient drug treatment at one of the Connecticut detoxification facilities is best suited to getting someone off hydrocodone.

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