Marine Battery Chargers

If you have ever had the fear of your boat’s battery dying out on the water and leaving you stranded, then set your mind at ease by getting a marine battery charger.

With a charger that properly charges your boat’s battery, you can be certain that you and your family or guests will have a safe and enjoyable time on the lake. There are four basic types of marine battery chargers available and these tips will help you find the right marine battery charger.

How To Pick The Right Marine Battery Charger?

1. Battery type. The first step in this process is to determine the type of battery you need to charge. Most chargers are universal, meaning they will work on all batteries except the Gel Cell. Your battery type will generally be tagged with three traits: input voltage, battery type and battery capacity.

2. Size. The size of your battery is important but when speaking of the size, it doesn’t mean the actual physical size of it but rather we are referring to the AMPs. How many AMP hours does your battery actually store. Your battery charger will ultimately depend on how fast you need the battery to charge. If you are crushed for time, then you will most likely need a larger battery charger. Now if you are not in a rush then a smaller charger will suite you better.

3. Environment. You will need to look at the environment of your boat. Is it exposed to the harsh elements such as consistent rain, below freezing temperatures or very humid conditions? This is important to know since some chargers will be better suited for different environments.

4. The final step in selection would also be determined by whether or not you want your battery to be charged while not in use. There is nothing more obnoxious than having your boat stored for the winter and spring months and then preparing for your first summer outing only to realize you had forgotten to charge the battery. If you want the security of knowing your battery is charged year round, then you can choose chargers that will suite this desire.

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