TIG Welders

When choosing a welder it is like purchasing any other item. There are many factors which you need to consider, price and use of equipment are two major factors. By taking the time to research your welder properly, you are guaranteed to purchase the right one for you.

Cost is a huge part of the decision process when buying a welder in Perth, WA, they aren’t the cheapest piece of machinery and you want to ensure that you pay the right amount for the one you want. The first thing you have to decide is what you aim to do with the TIG welder, assess the size of the metal that you need to weld. If you are aiming to always weld one type of metal, then you will need a different welder than Perth, WA welders who are welding lots of different metals. The thickness of the metal is a big factor as the machine power will vary from size to size. Remember that the more power the welder has, the more it is going to cost you.

You will also need to factor in the consumables for the welder, TIG or tungsten inert gas is entirely different to MIG metal inert gas. You will need to research exactly what type of gas you will require, and bear in mind that the price of gas has risen recently. Along with gas you will have to factor in all the accessories and safety equipment you will need. You will have to buy welding wire, nozzles, tips and safety goggles and wear. Overtime these added costs can mount up, and its worth taking in to account replacement costs, as many of these expendable items will need to be replaced. TIG welders take a great deal of power to make them function correctly; you will need to do research regarding your power supply.

If you don’t have enough power to work the welder then you could have a separate more power outlet fitted, simply for the welder. This option is preferable if you are aiming to use your welder on a daily basis for work, if you are only using it occasionally then it can be seen as a waste of money. There are other options of welders available, you can buy an engine driven welder, which might work out as a more cost effective purchase

Another consideration is to buy your welder second hand, there are many used welders available to purchase. These are often hardly used at all, and were often bought in haste and then discovered to be too expensive to use. TIG welders are built to last, so even if you find a very old welder it is more than likely to still be working well.

As long as you research and don’t buy the first welder you find, you should be able to find a good cost effective welder that will suit your needs. You will save money if you shop wisely and will have a welder that is ideal for you and your jobs. Once you purchase your welder then you can learn how to use it correctly and safely and have years of work from your chosen welder.

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